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    Profile: As the resort celebrates a milestone anniversary, see how skiing there has

    As the discussions about patents heat up, so does the hype ? especially about patent trolls. It's time to reflect on the nuances of the issues at stake.
    Should we be so focused on patent trolls? Will patent changes geared towards the tech sector adversely

    affect other industries? Which proposals will work and which ones won't?    BEIJING - The earthquake and tsunami that devastated northern Japan may help temporarily ease Japan's strained relations with China, allowing the two Asian rivals for the moment to look past lingering territorial, economic, military and historical disputes. The deaths signal a shift in tactics by the radical Islamists who have been battling the Nigerian government for nearly four years in the country’s impoverished north. Lauren Beukes's time-travelling thriller is a wild, brutal ride through 20th-century ChicagoHarper is not your average serial killer. "How old are you?" he asks Kirby Mazrachi, a grubby six-year-old with crazy hair who grows up to become the kickass star of Lauren Beukes's The Shining Girls. Then he gives her an orange plastic pony.
    "Here we go. Round and round, like your ferris wheel.
    I'll see you when you're all grown-up. Look out for me, OK, sweetheart? I'll come back for you."Harper,
    you see, can time travel (imagine the psychological tortures Hannibal Lecter could have imposed on Clarice Starling if he'd been party to this gift). A penniless, murderous war veteran in 1930s Chicago, he stumbles into an abandoned house and finds his destiny.Looking
    at the walls, he sees the names of women written in his own handwriting; out of the window, he sees "whole seasons whirring past",

    and finds he can step into the time of his choice. He uses this to stalk his "shining girls", panic attack who live in the Chicagos of the decades that follow: 1972's Margot, fighting for women's right to choose; Willie, the female architect in 1954, Zora, the black welder in 1943.
    To stalk them in childhood, and kill them in adulthood, addicted to "the knife twist and the hot slip of a girl's insides spilling out".
    Kirby is one of them, but she's the one who got away, and is obsessed, in adulthood, with tracking down her killer.The
    South African Beukes, an award-winning science fiction author, takes her first step into thrillers with this high-concept novel which was signed up by its publisher in a big-stakes auction. Beukes does many things right. Kirby, digging through newspaper archives and interviewing endless witnesses about unsolved female murders, is enticingly, punkishly tough. She's the sort of girl who wanders her house at night as a child "because the thought of

    waiting for the monster to come to her is unbearable", who – while undergoing Harper's extraordinarily brutal attack, narrated by

    Beukes without a shadow of emotion – thinks "don't, please don't" but also "don't you fucking dare".Beukes
    also – perhaps thanks to her science fiction background – doesn't make the mistake of trying to explain time travel, or make sense of it. The house just is. It does what it does.
    As does Harper, a psychotic blank at the heart of the novel; Beukes saves her empathising, her ability to create vivid, glowing characters, for the women he kills.
    This works, usually, although setting herself the task of summoning up 1950s Chicago in a few pages leads to some shoehorning. And some of

    her creations are pulled off better than others: Alice, her 1940s transsexual, is thoughtful and moving; Mal, the druggie who sees Harper coming and going in the 80s, is coffee shop millionaire review drawn.For
    sheer, page-turning nerve, however, The Shining Girls is going to take some beating this summer.
    Grant Beukes her time-travel conceit and you're in for a wild, brutal ride through the 20th century, in the company of one of the sarkiest, most resilient heroines you're likely to meet this year.
    ThrillersFictionScience fictionAlison
    © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.
    All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds     The new guidelines were issued after the American Urology Association agreed to shift its stance on the screenings, which have often led to unnecessary cancer treatments.     In Kentucky, a Bible Belt state where voters have passed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, the movement to promote gay rights has two factions. When Germany advanced to the 2010 World Cup semi-finals with four-goal wins over England and Argentina it became clear something

    special was brewing in German football.    
    Despite a heel injury, Joakim Noah delivered on his promise of a Game 7 victory over the

    Nets by scoring 24 points, pulling in 14 rebounds and blocking 6

    shots.     The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget's Marc Goldwein takes your questions about the proposed federal budget, which will be announced Monday, Feb.
    14. Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha was released by the Philadelphia Eagles after two disappointing seasons. Q.
    We need to replace our water heater and are thinking

    of getting a tankless, gas-fueled heater.
    Are the energy savings of tankless heaters worth the extra up-front cost? David West scored

    20 points, Paul George added 19 and the Indiana Pacers beat the New York Knicks 102-95 on Sunday in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.     Handmade poetry books from micro-publishers in Washington state.     An oil and gas tinnitus miracle pdf in the Gulf of Mexico caught fire Thursday morning, reigniting the political debate over the safety of offshore wells.
    Chile's largest labor union called a nationwide strike on Thursday to demand improved labor conditions and tax reform, but officials said only a small percentage of workers participated.     SAN JOSE MINE, Chile - After 68 days deep in a dank, hot purgatory, the first of 33 trapped miners was expected to be hoisted to freedom Tuesday night, ending a dramatic life-and-death struggle that has mesmerized much of the world. Sales figures are not available to help determine the effectiveness of an Australian law requiring graphic images on cigarette packages. But some smokers swear there has been a change in the tobacco.     "Against All Odds," the new memoir from

    Scott Brown, the Massachusetts senator who took Ted Kennedy's seat, reveals a troubled childhood filled with abuse. In a sharp escalation of tensions Monday, Egyptian soldiers opened fire on hundreds of supporters of Mohamed Morsi, the ousted president.    
    Malaga are confident their appeal against a UEFA ban from future continental competition over delays in payments to creditors will be successful, club director general Vicente Casado has said. American Airlines parent AMR and Delta Air Lines yesterday reported steep losses in the second quarter of the year, as the surging cost of oil began to push the industry into survival

    mode. JERUSALEM -- After years of delays, Jerusalem's historic light rail is set to begin running next month, completing a journey that has circumvented ancient bones, archaeological treasures, budget

    overruns and political controversies that have repeatedly threatened to derail the project.
    Ikea Hunter didn't know quite what to expect at her job interview Saturday,

    but she was relatively certain it wouldn't involve dancing with one of her prospective employer's
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