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    Profile: Two days after the

    worst fight in

    its 12-year history, the WNBA announced suspensions and fines for Detroit Shock assistant coach Rick Mahorn and 10 of the players involved in the skirmish that

    came at the end of the Shock's game against Los Angeles on Tuesday night in Detroit. New results from an Oregon study found that Medicaid coverage reduced the rate of depression and made low-income adults more financially secure, if not healthier.    Tired
    of that leaky, single-stream shower head left over from the Nixon administration? Many people have a love-hate relationship with complaining.
    It can be satisfying, but people who constantly whine about the same thing can be annoying.     The Disney Channel is hoping the silly, surfing, singing characters in its new “Teen Beach Movie” catch on with young viewers.     The territory staked out in “Stoker” — a landscape of family secrets, sexual subtext and aristocratic entitlement — is at times reminiscent of a Henry James tale. JERUSALEM - Israel intercepted a ship carrying a large delivery of arms off the country's Mediterranean coast on Tuesday, saying the shipment included sophisticated weaponry sent by Iran and Syria for Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip. Many of the poems in Roberto Bolaño’s “Unknown University” were written when he was in his 20s, the sound of a promising young writer seeking his way in the world of words.    
    "Chunky jewelry and sky-high heels are reserved for night," Zoe tells the show. "During the day you have to keep it minimal.
    You need to be realistic. I can't honestly hold my son, feed him and push a stroller in a sequin ball gown and 6-inch Atwoods, as much as I would love to." Permalink | Email this | Comments A study showed that participants consumed more calories and were

    an average of two pounds heavier after one week of sleeping only about five hours a day.
    The Defense Department said Monday that it plans to improve oversight of contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq by hiring more contracting specialists and providing additional training to government employees who supervise work performed by outside firms. -- Today is Wednesday, March 23, the 82nd day of 2011. There are 283 days left in the year. Gina Kolata

    answers readers’ questions about the potential consequences of cholesterol levels that are too low.     An Episcopal bishop, whose diocese is moving toward splitting from the national church, was ousted from ministry.
    A tax abatement established to spur construction during the financial crisis of the 1907s could benefit owners at some of New York’s most expensive new buildings.    
    Imelda Marcos, the controversial former first lady of the Philippines and subject of David Byrne’s current musical marvel “Here Lies Love,” inspires a regal roundup of today’s ornate heels.     The Liberty Bell received a visit on Friday from Cuba’s premier sexologist, who is also the daughter of President Raúl Castro. In the wake of their revolution, Egyptians must determine for themselves what their capital should look like: not just politically and socially, but also architecturally.    
    Southampton's forward line is a point of strength but Mauricio Pochettino was still disappointed to have missed out on signing Philippe Coutinho from Internazionale in January. The Brazilian, who had a loan spell

    under Pochettino at Espanyol, signed for Liverpool and is likely to be in opposition at St Mary's on Saturday. "Coutinho has that same quality that Ronaldinho and Messi have, but he has much to prove yet," panic away Despite recent progress, so too do Liverpool, whose record on the south coast is wretched.
    James CallowVenue St Mary's, Saturday 3pmTickets £35-£48 (02381 780 780)Last season N/AReferee P DowdThis season's matches 18 Y51, R3, 3.00
    cards per gameOdds Southampton 3-1 Liverpool 5-6 Draw 11-4SouthamptonSubs from K Davis, Richardson, Forren, Hooiveld, Ward-Prowse, Chaplow, S Davis, Do Prado, Puncheon, MayukaDoubtful

    NoneInjured NoneSuspended NoneForm guide DLLWDLDisciplinary record Y34 R0Leading scorer Lambert 12LiverpoolSubs from Jones, Gulacsi, Wisdom, Coates, Skrtel, Henderson, Shelvey, Allen, Sterling, SusoDoubtful Allen (shoulder), Reina (calf)Injured Kelly (knee, 22 Mar), Borini (shoulder, unknown)Suspended NoneForm guide WWWLDDDisciplinary record Y41 R2Leading scorer Suárez 22Match pointers• Southampton have won three of their last four league home games against Liverpool, with all

    three wins ending 2-0• When Stewart Downing has scored or assisted a Premier League goal this season, Liverpool have always won (five games)• Liverpool's shot conversion rate is 14% this season, up from a Premier League-low 20th place in 2011-12 (9%)• Luis Suarez has had 144 more touches in the opposition box than any other top flight player. The next highest gap

    between players is 14SouthamptonLiverpoolPremier © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies.
    All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our

    Terms & Conditions | More Feeds Sebonack is getting its first taste of a major championship as host of the 68th United States Women’s Open. It’s the first time a major women’s tournament will be played on Long Island since 1895.     ATLANTA -- US Airways increased the pressure on Delta Air Lines' unsecured creditors to take its buyout offer by raising the bid Wednesday nearly 20 percent to $10.3 billion. Whether the deal would survive regulatory scrutiny may

    be the deciding factor.
    Think back to that one magical night in your youth, when the moon was full and he or she was there. Alternatively, think about all those beautiful days when the sky was blue, the sun was shining and everything about the world seemed right. If either of these thoughts brings a smile to your lips, ...
    The restored big-screen version of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's mindboggling spectacle should not be missedJoseph L Mankiewicz's four-hour Cleopatra (1963) is a stately but sometimes mindboggling spectacle.
    This restored big-screen version shouldn't be missed: it's a colossus of the analogue-epic era, and the high point of Elizabeth Taylor's global celebrity, when her prestige was hardly less towering than that of the actual queen of the Nile. The story breaks down into two two-hour parts: Cleopatra bewitches and unmans two Roman alpha-males: Julius Caesar (Rex Harrison) and Mark Antony (Richard Burton).
    Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra is a kittenish Southern belle, witty, capricious and often semi-nude but with not much to say, compared to the men who get great dramatic speeches – especially Burton in that virile, angle-grinder voice of his. The central moment is the queen's jawdropping entry into Rome, for which Mankiewicz creates a sensational Busby Berkeley fantasy,, like the world's biggest Olympic opening ceremony.Rating: 4/5Period and historicalElizabeth TaylorRichard BurtonDramaPeter
    © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.
    | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds iPads and iPods are influencing all

    areas of learning in David Andrews' classroom. He reveals how he's using technology to teach writing, reading, maths and scienceLast year David Andrews wrote for us about how he was coffee shop millionaire marketing devices in the classroom in the hugely popular blog post: An Apple for the teacher:

    are iPads the future in class? Here, he updates us on his progress and shares some of his

    favourite technology-led learning ideas.Since the start of September 2012 myself and a colleague, Chris Williams, have been trying

    to maximise the use of handheld technology (iPads and iPods) in year 6 in all areas of the curriculum. The potential for enhancing teaching and learning through technology has been particularly interesting: we've developed a range of apps using both iPads and iPods to engage, motivate and inspire pupils' learning in the classroom.The school's 'Apple journey' began in June 2012. Once the year 6 SATs were finished, we gave both our year 6 classes a two-week project to build a controllable vehicle. Working in groups of four (60 children in total), with one iPad per group, the children followed an instructional video, which myself and my colleague developed.
    We used the Strip Designer app to create the front cover, and the Creative Book Builder app to create an ebook with written instructions and accompanying videos to guide the pupils through the construction of their vehicles.Allowing
    the children to work in this manner shifted the learning from teacher-centred to child-centred.
    Children could work at their own pace without having to wait for further instructions from the

    They could tackle problems themselves by rewinding the videos and reading additional written instructions, and clearly see what equipment was needed for the next chapter in the ebook.Once
    the vehicles were built, the pupils planned, filmed and edited a car advert in iMovie. They composed a jingle using the Garageband app, took close-up pictures of their completed vehicle using the iPad's camera and added these to a persuasive and informative car brochure (ebook) using the Creative Book Builder app, which could then be be viewed in iBooks.
    They used the Number app to create a spreadsheet to calculate the cost of the components of the vehicle and hire of the equipment.
    To conclude our controllable vehicle iPad project, the pupils prepared and delivered a showcase presentation to parents/carers and pupils in key stage 2.The pupils' interest and effort was evidently higher than myself or Mr Williams had seen before, especially post-SATs when motivation of pupils in year 6 can take a dip. The

    pupils produced high-quality car designs, there was an increase in writing levels in their brochures and outstanding video adverts.
    When the children spoke to their audience, they demonstrated an astounding depth of knowledge, understanding and confidence.
    The attendance from parents was also staggering: pupils had made sure they were there because they cared and valued their work.Central
    to all of our work in year 6 has been the use of a class blog space for each pupil, which gives them a real audience and an incentive to raise the standards of their work. Using the Posterous app, pupils can post iMovies, pictures from their camera roll and add text to their space.
    Each pupil has their own unique QR Code created in an app called QRafter, which links to their blog space on the year 6 blog. This code can be printed off, so whenever a pupil posts digital work to their blog space they can use this QR Code in their book or on a display to direct the reader.
    Our local library has displayed some of the tinnitus miracle review alongside QR codes taking library users to pupil-created multimedia

    content on the class blog spaces.In
    literacy, we have used the devices in a variety of ways, most notably as a stimulus for writing.
    Take the popular game Bike Baron, for instance. The player controls a stunt motorcyclist, rolling, flipping and tumbling through a sequence of ramps and loops.
    The graphics and sound are lively and the levels short: a few minutes of play is sufficient to provide enough material for a project.
    The pupils played through one or

    two levels on their iPods and took screen shots as they went.

    The screenshots were imported into the Strip Designer app to create a sequence of comic strips, with captions describing the Bike Baron's thoughts and feelings at various stages of the course. The pupils then used their comic strips to write a recount from the Bike Baron's perspective.The
    pupils have also used iPads to write their own description for an app they designed using the App Store as stimulus for persuasive writing.
    The children chose a category of app they were interested in and visited the App Store to investigate the persuasive language used. They took a screenshot of the app description and opened these in the Skitch app. The pupils used the tools in Skitch to highlight and identify language features of advertisements, such as persuasive words, phrases and rhetorical questions. A template was created in Pages, with an area for the app logo, a 5-star review and an area for the writing task to write a persuasive advertisement for an app.
    For this particular task, standards of writing exceeded expected writing levels for the children involved.We have been in the fortunate position of having both the technology and the freedom to explore and experiment to innovate and justify the school's investment. At this stage of the school year, observations suggest that all pupils are becoming more independent, able to direct their own learning at their own pace and use the

    functions of handheld devices to manage themselves a lot more in determining what they they will learn and

    central issue, of course, is impact and progress.
    We have technology-led projects ongoing in writing, reading, maths and science where progress will be measurable and comparable to rates in the same subjects in previous years when a more traditional approach was employed.
    At present, because everything is new and with very little published material relating to the use of 1:1 devices we continue to develop ideas, with the aims of increased productivity, independence and impact.David is a year 6 teacher who has been investigating how mobile technology can be used across the curriculum to enhance the teaching and learning in the classroom. His blog iPads in Primary Education provides practical ideas on how iPads and iPods can impact pupils' progress and independence across the curriculum.
    You can follow David on twitter @dmandrews15.This
    content is brought to you by Guardian Professional. To get articles direct to your inbox, and to access thousands of free resources, sign up to the Guardian Teacher Network here. Looking for your next role? See our Guardian jobs for schools site for thousands of the latest teaching, leadership and support jobsSchoolsTeachingPrimary

    schoolsIT for schoolsComputer science and ITMathematicsScienceDavid © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More
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